I'm a creative thinker and collaborator passionate about increasing equality and inclusion in cities. 

My work focuses on designing processes, tools, and engagement models to increase civic participation and leverage local resources to address community needs. This could include using the power of design to bring people together, amplify perspectives, build bridges between multidisciplinary stakeholders, find common ground, or co-create solutions. 

Some research philosophies I like to apply to my work: 

• start research early and never for the sake of checking a box

• be clear about the process and commit to it 

• be prepared, but remember: the community is the expert

I have a BFA in Printmaking from Queen's University and an MS in Design & Urban Ecologies from Parsons School of Design Strategies. I previously worked at Code for America, and now work with the City and County of San Francisco's HR department to improve the government hiring process. 

Some events I've spoken at include: 

San Francisco Design Week Designing for Social Impact | San Francisco, CA 6/2017

Code for Japan Summit Keynote Bridge Communities to Build Government by the People | Yokohama Japan 11/2016

Code for America Summit Co-creating the Future of the Brigade Network | Oakland CA 11/2016

White House Open Data Innovation Summit Impact of Open Data | Washington DC 9/2016

Civic Tech Toronto Hacknight #45 Building Community | Toronto ON 6/2016

Always happy to say hi: email, linkedin, twitter